About Us

Beautifully decorated trees, each one with a story, a meaning, or just for fun.

A Worthy Cause

The Festival of Trees is magic! But not the kind of magic made by sleight of hand. Rather, it is the result of many

hands. Within a 24 hour period, an empty building is transformed into a winter wonderland with uniquely

decorated Christmas trees and handmade crafts.While this holiday magic lasts only 3 days, it continues throughout

the year in the hearts of those who volunteer and support the Festival of Trees.

Every penny raised benefits Adventist Health Simi Valley cancer patients and their families.

Opening Night Event with "Lights On" Program, food, silent auction on beautiful trees.  You can see

A Great Event

Get tickets for the Opening Night Tree Auction Event!!

During the week see the beautiful trees, shop the Elf Emporium for hand-made gifts, Santa photo ops, and experience Simi Valley Community entertainment!

Sponsor, Volunteer, Decorate a Tree or Wreath, or make something for our Elf Emporium Boutique!

Get Involved!

Sponsor, Volunteer, Decorate a tree or wreath, or make something for our Elf Emporium!


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